MNS Marine Services

High Quality standards

With over 20 years of experience, we offer the expertise of handling the delicate commodity of glass. From a small porthole to a large glass window, we complete the most demanding projects of supply and installation while using the proper marine bonding and insulating products.

Inventiveness, team work, specialized technicians, and proper equipment. This is how we accomplish the most difficult glass installations. Together with our love and attention to detail, as glass specialists, we can install a glass in the most inaccessible locations while following all safety procedures.

We supply and install fire resistant glasses, with proper procedures and all required specifications and certifications, as well as decorative glasses.

Decorative Glasses add elegance and luxury to various locations. Incorporating them, by choosing from a range of different styles such as Beveled, Brilliant cut, Colorful glass, they can create a distinctive look and overhaul.




Fire Rated
Glass & Portholes